URS Work, 3D Low Poly

This update was a long time in the making. Most of the vehicles below were created in 2009 for a product I worked on called Rules of the Nautical Road. This product is currently in use by the US Navy and US Coast Guard. The goal of the product is to train cadets on everything from proper navigation to the placement of navigation lights based on the size of a vessel. I was tasked with creating every low poly boat and plane which appeared in the product. Only two of the vessels pictured below were created later. Those two being the USS New Orleans and the E3 Sentry Plane. Everything was modeled and textured by me with the exception of the E3 Sentry which I textured but was initially modeled by David Murallo. When I received the model for texturing I did a little clean up work on the mesh as it came from Lightwave and 3dsmax had a few import issues I needed to resolve to allow for proper mesh smoothing. Every texture was hand painted and no photo sourcing was used. Please select one of the files to view a larger version and then use your mouse to move through the rest of the images on the page. All images and models are copyright 2013 to the US Navy.

URS Work, Animation Demo

A very small portion of the animations I have worked on over the years at URS. The first animation is of a meteor crossing the sky. For this I used particle effects for the smoke, wave modifiers for the tree motion and lighting to make the moon glow. The second animation is of propeller cavitation using particle effects linked to the model to create a corkscrew effect. Third is wind generated noise that I created by using a combination of wave generators and alpha animated displacement maps. Fourth and final are two sets of helical reduction gears. The gear tooth mesh rate is dynamically driven with expressions. As long as I know the number of teeth in each gear they will always be in sync while moving.

URS, Animation Fun Time

Sometimes we have down time at work. When that happens we like to come up with ways to challenge ourselves and have fun. On one of these instances we decided to have an animation challenge. These usually consisted of taking only a few hours in a day to create an animation. I chose to create a cartoon weight lifter.