Sheldon - ALPHA

Here is where I will be placing my work in progress towards completion of a character design from a very talented designer Elisa Lau. Definitely check out her work when you get the chance. I will be updating this section regularly until the character is completed. I will break it down by day and note what I accomplished by renders.

Day 7 (Completed)
Completed Sheldon Alpha model and texture. I used a total of 8 maps to include Diffuse, Bump, Gloss, Specular Level, Opacity, Reflection based on uvs, Reflection based on spherical environment, and a Reflection mix map to get the over all effect. I spent a fair amount of time tweaking the reflections to show just the right amount without over powering the base textures.

Textures 512x512 ( Diffuse, Bump, Gloss, Opacity, Reflection, Mix and Specular )

Tri-Count = 3,988

Day 6 (Sunday Texturing)
A lot of texturing done today. Really settled down on how I wanted materials to be presented. I spent a lot of time today working on how I wanted to use Diffuse, Opacity, Specular, Gloss and Reflection Maps to get the metal of the body and glass of the eyes to feel like they should. 

Day 5 (Weekend Rigging)
Today Sheldon has been rigged and fully unwrapped. Say hello Sheldon! Tomorrow starts the best part... texturing. :-)

Day 4

Day 3
Day two after work, day three of the project. The character is now completely modeled (seen here in a happier state due to being whole :-D). From here I must unwrap, rig and texture the little guy.

Day 2
After getting out of work for the day I came home determined to finish the rest of the modeling for the character. As you can see from Sheldon's saddened state he is missing his arms. Aww :-(

Day 1
I was sick in the morning and took the day off from work. I was kindly given the concept for a very cute robot character from Elisa Lau by the name of SHELDON - ALPHA to create in 3D. In my sickened state I was only able to create the head but I was able to do a quick rigging and animation showing what I wanted to accomplish with apertures for the eyes.