Jakks Pacific TV Games 3D High Poly Controllers

This task for the company Jakks Pacific through Blue Dream Studios was simple, recreate the actual product from photos to be used in commercials. I do not know if they ever ended up in said commercials but I know the controllers exist.

This was my very first model for the project which allowed me to receive more work. I am very thankful for the opportunity to work on this piece.

This second model made me think of new ways of texturing detail rather then just modeling it in and who doesn't want to work on something dealing with Batman.

Dragonball Z..... nothing more to say really. Had a lot of fun on it.

The Disney Princess controller was my last controller to create for the commercials. 

Throughout the whole process of freelance I learned a lot about how to manage my time. As anyone who has worked freelance before you know that freelancers tend to receive projects at the very last minute of the production cycle. My time management and art skills increased a lot with these four models.