URS Flash Work

Now it is time to show some of my most recent work to which the contents are mostly Adobe Flash based. For nearly 6 years I have been working in the flash work force creating training content. Most of what I've created for my employer is under lock and key, but I've collected the few items I can show you here. I will show the most recent at the top of this post and work down to the oldest if my memory is good enough :-) Much of what is seen below is greatly reduced in size, if you wish to see a larger image please click on any of them below to be taken to the enlarged image.

Left side of a Beretta M9 service pistol.

Right side of a Beretta M9 service pistol.
Left side of a M16A2 rifle.

Right side of a M16A2 rifle.

723 Plus Digital Control

ION 6200 Power Monitor Sensor

723 Plus Digital Control Handheld Programmer

These nine images are the final look of the interactive world map created for the purpose of breaking up and relaying information on individual country's military structure by vessels. It also serves the purpose to identify the location of each country. The layout design along with the icons was created by myself with the exception of a few country icons. The grey map itself was grabbed from a public domain SVG though it was missing Australia which I had to add. The color choice of grey with a blue glow boarder and blue grid was something that I added for easy visibility. Below these next eight images is a little more about the icon set created for this map.

Navigation icons for an interactive world map. With the help of Jason Kriedel we worked together in creating an initial set of 12 country icons though later I was tasked with expanding the map to include a total of 32 countries and one mirrored navigation button.
Icons showing an electrical and oil fire.
Every time I am tasked with making tools in Flash I always strive to make my Flash counterpart as close to the original as possible and in this case it was the creation of a Fluke Multimeter.
A few random tools created for use in a training course.
These icons are my initial tests at creating spherical shiny icons which came in handy when we decided to use the same style for the country icons seen above.
During some down time I was just having fun testing out some rendering techniques in flash creating this Health Station.
Lastly a Armor Station to go with the Health Station above. Sometimes it is nice to use down time to test techniques though with the updates to flash most of what was done with layers can now be done with filters and effects.
Unfortunately this is only a very small portion of what I have done over the course of 6 years and while I wish I can get the chance to show more I know that it is not a possibility. Any art posted from now on will be from my personal sketchbook and items I make in programs here at home. Thank you for reading.


2D Character Emoticon 

Every now and then I get the bug to create something in 2d. Usually my days are filled with the sight of a grey screen with vertices so it is nice to take a step back and create something unusual. Hopefully it is a little funny in the process. So enters the box boy emoticon:

The plan was to create a series on emoticons for box boy but I never got around to it. Perhaps I may pick him up in the future and dust the character off.


TBUS Industry Logo

This is a logo I created for a coworker's wood working company that he and a friend have. This was created in Flash and Illustrator.


URS Coin Design

This was a really fun one to work on as I have never created a design for a coin before. The design took a little while to finalize as it was for the company and working with a coin maker proved interesting. I now have a physical coin I designed. Kind of cool! I apologize for the poor quality of the coin photos. I will update them when I find the time to take pictures in better light.