Digital Sculptures

ZBrush: Racing Donkey

Below is my first work in progress project created in Zbrush which I recently purchased. I had in the past used the free trials but at the time Zbrush wasn't to a point which I found it useful for what I was doing so I never went ahead with the purchase. Now that it has progressed further as a professional application and I have matured more as an artist the once cumbersome interface is a lot more natural to use. It still has some quirks that I would like ironed out in the future but I am enjoying the entire process right now. The work below is inspired by a political illustration by Peter de Seve. He is an amazing concept artist that has worked on most of the Blue Sky Studios films such as Ice Age. I took inspiration from the drawing and brought a little bit of myself to the project. Please enjoy looking around.


ZBrush: Early Bird and Friends Fan Art

Below are two still renders of a character called Birdie from the game Early Bird and Friends. I saw the concept work by Ryan Hall for the game and was compelled to create a fan art piece. It was a lot of fun and a learning experience. This time I wanted to focus on a work flow between 3D Studio Max and ZBrush so I created a base mesh in 3D Studio Max first before heading to ZBrush. This was also my first experience with PolyPainting and I can really see how future projects are going to be a lot of fun. It would appear that blogger is currently having issues loading videos so I will try and get a rotation rendered out soon.



Mudbox is without a doubt one of the most relaxing programs for me to work in. Sculpting in the program is very intuitive, especially, given that you can switch the keyboard shortcuts to mimic the program you're most used to. This is my latest Mudbox sculpt, really just toying around in the program. The model is not yet finished but I wanted to share my current progress.

Something I used to do when I had a free trial of Mudbox was to sculpt doodles. Sometimes it was something out of my head and others I used reference. All the time looking to get the most out of every stroke of the mouse.

One of my favorite sculpts in Mudbox

There is something that feels fantastic when you can sculpt on a computer as if you are working a piece of clay in your hands. While you don't have that tactile feel of clay the sensation of creating this object out of nothing but a blob is still the same feeling I had when I was a kid in art class.