About Me


My name is Jeremy Chapman and I am an artist. Now that I have my 12 step program introduction out of the way, perhaps I should move on. Any professional or technical knowledge questions can be answered by looking at my resume page. This page is to tell you a little about who I am.

Family is very important to me and they keep me grounded while providing inspiration. They gave me my values and I always respect their opinions. My mother definitely taught me the value of hard work. One can not get anywhere in life if they aren't willing to work at it. I was also taught that having realistic goals is essential but it isn't bad to have one or two goals that seem unattainable.

In the professional world I come to work ready to listen to everyone's opinions. They are all important and one can learn from anyone. I feel a great work environment is one where everyone is both student and teacher. I can not know everything especially with programs as complex as the ones we artists use. If you are not open to new knowledge then you will never grow.

For fun I love to go out for a ride on my motorcycle alone or with friends. The freedom of it is something I am glad I chose to experience and locations you ride to always seem different than ones driven to. The geek in me loves movies and going to a coffee house to relax while drawing. Perhaps I will write more but for now I am content to finish here......